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Training video production for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients

What does a training video production look like?

It might be a recruitment video to attract new staff or students.

Recruitment video production for Virgin Airlines, Brisbane HQ

It might be an induction video to smooth the way for new employees or students or to keep visitors safe on your work site.

Recruitment video production for QUT Brisbane

And of course, it could be a training video production to train existing employees, or show customers how to use your product or what to expect from your service.

Training video production for Dementia Study Centre, Brisbane

Whether you’re recruiting, inducting a new employee into your company (or a visitor to your site) training video productions can not only deliver important messages – they’re also a window into your company or organisation culture. There are many different approaches, so let’s take a look through some more of the training, recruitment and induction videos we’ve produced for our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients.

This training video production for the recruitment and induction of new employees into Queensland Fisheries was so much fun! We interviewed 2 staff, following them around for the day to capture what it’s like to work on and protect our waterways. They clearly love their jobs, and that can only be inspiring for new recruits.

Hastings Deering has a culture of Flexibility and Inclusion for all. This training video production was one of many we produced to show the diversity amongst their team. This is the ‘overview’ version – a summary of all the team members that were interviewed for individual stories, each representing an example of diversity.

For Sunshine Coast Health & Hospital Service, we produced an animated training video production to show patients the steps they should take to stay safe in hospital.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital used a different approach for their patient induction – this training video production delivers their message via the CEO and a more traditional narration to explain how to have a positive hospital experience.

Interflow’s training video production covers their safety culture, using music only, no narration at all. The safety messages are delivered via signage held up by their employees. New employees will understand immediately that they have the authority to stop work if it’s unsafe for them or any of their work mates.

For TAE Aerospace, we produced an employee training video using a combination of narration and their own team to add a personal touch to the induction messages. This is a large company, with many employees in diverse roles and in different locations. Through the employees, we were able to get a really good overview of the welcoming company culture.

QUT Law wanted a training video production to induct new law students, to help them orientate and understand the support they would be given. This induction is delivered by different faculty within QUT Law.

Another use for a training video production is site safety for contractors and other visitors to site. This site induction video, produced for Veolia for their Ti Tree Bioenergy facility at Willowbank, is played for all visitors to site.