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The Sound Images Team

We're really nice people

Tony Lawrence

Managing Director
What’s an engineer doing managing a video production company? Keeping the wheels turning, that’s what! Tony’s experience as a producer, businessman, fine tuner and all round nice guy has kept clients returning time and time again. His engineering skills give Sound Images the analytical edge it needs to stay ahead of the game.Read MoreCall Us


Rebecca Ellett

Production Coordinator
Bec is our local ground control for production. Each day she juggles all the detailed stuff – the CAD approvals, the TV commercial deliveries, the voiceovers and pre-production – whether it’s arranging acting talent or hiring helicopters for our latest shoot, Bec’s got it covered.Read MoreCall Us


Mark Price

If you’ve ever been on a Sound Images shoot, the chances are you’ll know Mark. Like his editor brother, Mark is one of our most experienced video production team members – and a mighty fine singer, to boot!Read MoreCall Us


Kerrie Lawrence

Creative Director
Kerrie’s been writing corporate video scripts since the early 80’s (sshhh!) so she’s figured out by now what works most effectively to keep audiences involved. Scripts by day, sewing by night – Kerrie has to get her creative fix each day.Read MoreCall Us


Dan Price

Senior Editor
Dan is our very own Mr. Miyagi in the cutting room. With over 10 years in the Sound Images editor’s chair, Dan’s impressive work on television commercials and corporate videos has made him a valuable asset to the team.Read MoreCall Us


Sam Hart

Meet Sam. He’s a steady guy. Get it? Because he’s holding a 3-axis, gyro-stabilised steadicam! Sam has over 5 years’ experience behind the camera, bringing creativity and energy to every shoot.Read MoreCall Us



Trixie is small but tough.


Richard Davies

Production Director
Richard is our head cameraman and resident Inspector Gadget! His current obsession is building remote control ‘filming’ helicopters so he can get those perfect low aerials. And if you could only say one thing about Richard when he’s on a shoot it would be ‘just one more take.’Read MoreCall Us


Adam Erbacher

Senior Editor
Adam previously worked on various film and television projects in wee bonny Scotland before turning his gaze back to Australia and joining Sound Images. He’s a hard worker but give him a box of popcorn and you’re likely to find him tucked away in a dark cinema, enjoying the latest spoils of Hollywood.Read MoreCall Us


Yolande Barlow

Office Administrator
Yolande is our ‘Girl Friday.’ What does a Girl Friday do? Everything! With a sales, marketing and graphic design background, Yolande is there to help out wherever needed.Read MoreCall Us