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Web video production in Brisbane

We’re all bombarded with mountains of online content – so how do you stop your target viewer from scrolling? You need a point of difference. A web video production will help to pause someone scrolling their social media feeds – acting as a proven launch pad into your website.

When they land on your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they click away – a web video on your landing page gives them an easy way to engage immediately, building trust, relaying a message and importantly, increasing your conversion rates.

As a web video production company, pretty much every video we produce today for our clients in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast will also include web video versions with social media video cutdowns. We offer this because it’s so important you get maximum mileage from your video production assets, no matter your original intent for the video.

The web video we produced for QUT in Brisbane is one example of a web video production from which we’ve created social media derivates:

A web video production for Brisbane’s QUT

QUT Brisbane: 15 second cutdown from their web video production

QUT Brisbane: 7 second cutdown from their web video production

Web video production from script to screen

To capture your audience’s attention, a web video needs to get to the point fast. Long, fluff filled videos will send people to sleep or clicking away to another page. At Sound Images, we’d love help you create your web video from script to screen.

Within our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast video production services, web video production is becoming increasingly important for our clients. We know you’re busy, so we take the load off you as much as we can, taking the brief, writing the script, fine-tuning the script with your feedback and then planning the scenes we need to tell your story. After filming, the editing commences and once we have a first cut of your web video, we get your feedback and fine-tune if needed. We then send you all the versions and file types you need to give you maximum mileage from your web video production.

Web video production produces results

If you care about statistics, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands – and 8 out of 10 people have purchased a product after watching a web video production.

So to stack the odds in your favour, a results driven marketing strategy should include web video production. Our Sound Images team will work with you to create impactful, compelling and lead generating web videos with social media derivatives you can use to make the most of your web video production – and it doesn’t have to be a web video you cut down for social media – any type of video production you need for your business can have multiple versions for multiple uses.

Why trust us for your web video production?

You’re busy, so we’ll look after your web video production from script to screen.

We know what we’re doing. Your web video is another style of the corporate video production content we’ve been producing since 1986. Adds up to decades of experience.

We guarantee to polish and fine-tune your web video within the agreed budget, We want you to come back to us for your next web video – and the one after that.

Stylish video footage and vision quality. Both are critical for your web video, so for filming, we’re not talking about a lone camera person with just a camera and tripod. You get our team of 2, and a van full of the latest gear so we can track and fly to create scenes with movement at the high resolution you really need for your web video production to stand up and be counted. We still use a tripod as well!

Once you contact us, we’ll sit down with you to hash out the vision for your web videos. Are you trying to promote and sell a new product? Do you want more brand visibility? Is there exciting news to share with your followers? Or are you looking for a viral explosion that’ll put you a step ahead of the competition? Whatever your goals, we’ll make things happen.