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Commercial video production for our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients

Commercial video production can be so much more than a television commercial. It could be a cinema commercial – or a commercial for your social media. Or commercial versions of all.

The most common lengths we produce are 30 and 15 second television commercials, 30 second cinema commercials and 15, 10 and even 7 second social media commercials.

Your commercial video production may not even start out with that intent. If we’re producing a corporate, web or marketing video for you, we can also edit shorter TV, cinema or social media commercial versions from the longer video or the original footage filmed for your project.

It’s making the most of every video production we work with you on and we can supply every format you need, including the complex conversions needed to prepare your commercial for the cinema. We actually convert most of the cinema commercials you watch on Brisbane and south-east Queensland cinema screens for Val Morgan and OZCO Williams – even the commercials not produced by us, as it’s a skill few video production companies offer.

Social media commercial video production

Filmed in Brisbane for Dept Agriculture & Fisheries

Television commercial video production for Visit Sunshine Coast

Cinema commercial video production

Gold River Jewellers, Northlakes, Brisbane

No talking, no mobiles, look forward and watch the screen

Our Brisbane cinema audiences are genuinely engaged, immersed in cinema quality content and surround sound audio – and in this highly receptive state, your cinema commercial will reach viewers who are traditional media ‘ad avoiders.’

An example of a client who does cinema advertising really well, is Gold River Jewellers at North Lakes, a savvy small business, recognised for their hand-made artistry.

With most of Gold River’s target market residing in the Northlakes area, the local cinema has proved to be an extremely effective marketing strategy for connecting to their customers.

If you’re targeting a local audience, cinema as part of your commercial video production versions should be something you consider to place your video message right in front of your captive customer sitting right there in the cinema.

Consumption of video content is growing

Commercial video production is an important part of your video content mix. Television, cinema or social media commercials will work hard for you to reach more customers. If you have a story to tell, a new product or service to sell or you just want to boost your brand, we’d love you to choose Sound Images to produce your commercial.

Although our focus is in Brisbane, South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, we’ve travelled all over Australia to create commercial video production content for our clients.

Reach your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast audience

While we spend a lot of time on social media, TV and cinema still have huge audiences. Without even realising it, we make many purchasing decisions from the commercials we see on our TV screens.

Businesses large and small can benefit from television advertising and at Sound Images, we understand how to break through the noise and grab your audience’s attention.

Commercial video production from script to screen

Since 1986, we’ve been producing TV and cinema commercials for our clients. Social media commercials are a more recent trend of course, but it’s one that will only continue to grow.

It’s important to note that to produce your commercial, we have all the resources in house to work with you until your love the finished commercial, taking you from script to screen.

A top Brisbane video production company

As a top video production company in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, we have the skills, experience, gear and team enthusiasm to produce all your video production.  Alongside television, cinema or social media commercials, we also produce web videos, corporate videos, induction videos, training videos, explainer videostestimonial videos and – every type of video! This production is the only thing we do, so we could probably call ourselves the experts in this field.