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Effectively Communicate to Your Staff with a Training Video

Workplace learning and development is key to keeping any business moving forward. The challenge for businesses is; how to create training programmes that engage and allow employees to retain the information. Training video production is the answer, which uses something called ‘’the pictorial superiority effect’’. This means using words and pictures combined, to produce a greater information recall than just text alone.

What Are Common Types of Training Videos?

Training videos can be produced for any type of business, industry or learning objective. The most important points for effective training videos are that they need to be engaging, visually appealing, tell a clear story and be simple to understand.

  • Safety training videos
  • Product knowledge videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Customer relations
  • Dramatisation of business scenarios
  • Personal stories of employees

Completing quizzes, discussions, games and assignments after training videos are viewed will reinforce  information from the training video and add in an element of engagement.