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Increase the Know, Like and Trust Factor of Your Business with a Testimonial Video

Testimonials will support your credibility and boost your perceived level of expertise. Good testimonials will strengthen your reputation and could be the tipping point on whether someone buys from you. If you combine testimonials into a video format, these will be an attractive audio-visual boost for your company and go a long way to increase your conversion rates.

Reasons You Need Testimonial Videos for Your Business

Video marketing is a valuable asset for all areas of your business. Here’s how you will benefit from testimonial videos.

  • Videos provide social evidence. Numerous studies have shown the power of social proof.
  • Testimonial videos will increase your know, like and trust factor. Videos can evoke emotion if done right. People like to see someone’s journey and if you can show this in the video, you will make a person want the same results.
  • Your credibility will be proven. Your audience wants to know you are credible and able to deliver on promises. A testimonial video will show the results your customers have got.
  • Videos get shared twelve times more than text and images alone. Some top brands have been able to turn testimonial videos into viral ads.