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Sound Images Produces Compelling, Persuasive Recruitment Videos

Year on year, video is fast taking over written content in popularity and it’s only going to keep on growing. In 2019, video was said to account for around 80% of all internet traffic, which is why if you’re not using video, you should get on the video train quick smart! Well made, engaging recruitment videos are an effective recruitment tactic you can implement in your business.

Reasons You Need a Recruitment Video for Your Business

Recruitment videos can be used in the various stages of a candidate’s journey. Videos will present your brand in a positive, professional way, explain your hiring process, describe your employee value proposition, give tests, say thank you plus much more.

  • Recruitment video production will boost your SEO efforts. Video drives 157% more organic traffic from search engine results according to a study.
  • You will reach many more candidates. Video produces around 1200% more shares than text and images alone!
  • Grab attention of the best candidates. Today we have many opportunities and you have to differentiate yourself to get noticed.
  • Enjoy a 34% higher application rate. A survey by CareerBuilder showed a higher application rate when videos were used.
  • Show off your brand and ensure a better cultural fit for applicants. A video can show everyday life at your workplace, letting candidates see if it would be right for them.