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Our Process

Concept & Script

Stage 1: Concept & Script


During the first stage of production, we create a script, which will be the foundation for the upcoming project. This may be a one page, script for a commercial or a thirty page, script for a training video. To understand what you want to achieve, we arrange a script meeting with you. This involves listening very carefully, not only to understand the key points, but also to understand how you’d like your viewers to feel after they’ve watched your video and what action you’d like them to take. Careful planning at this stage ensures no unwelcome surprises at the end of the project. With a first script draft written, we ask for your feedback. We then fine-tune the script and prepare for filming.


Graphic preparation is a very ‘creative’ process, so as soon as the script is complete, we begin work on graphics. Animated graphics are a powerful way of describing complex concepts, services or events. To make sure all the graphics prepared for your video match the image you want to present, we’ll look closely at any existing artwork you may have in place.

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Stage 2: Filming


  • Script
  • Shot List
  • Talent, props and locations organised
  • Are we using our own RC helicopter for low aerials?
  • Are there nose-mount chopper aerials to arrange?
  • Do we need the camera crane?
  • Steadicam
  • Autocue
  • Greenscreen
  • Any studio filming –do we need to paint the cyclorama or create a set?

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The script has been finalised. And with our clients as diverse as there are industries, filming might be a day on your factory floor using your own people… …or a more complex shoot involving talent, makeup and catering. Our camera team is headed by Richard Davies. As one of the directors of Sound Images, he has a very personal stake in filming stylish footage. Richard has more than thirty years of corporate filming experience – and with his understanding of putting a complete project together, he’ll be making sure that critical detail, framing, angles, movement and lighting are captured professionally – so when it comes to editing the entire story, we’ll have exactly what is needed. Our team will also take advantage of any other opportunities they see while on the shoot. This means that for most projects we have more footage than we need for the finished cut. This additional footage – which is kept for you in our catalogued library – could be used to freshen up your video at a later date or to cut a TV commercial or cinema ad.Read MoreCall Us

Post Production

Stage 3: Post Production


Now that we’ve successfully completed the filming, we enter the final stage of the production process: post production. Tucked away in the Sound Images editing suites, our experienced editors create your final polished presentation, using music, motion graphics, visual and sound effects to complement and enhance the footage from the shoot. Your involvement in the process is important to us. You’ll receive regular progress updates and are also welcome to sit in with the editor to refine and polish your video. (And we’ll supply the coffee and muffins!)
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Stage 4: Completion

THAT’S A WRAP! We’ve reached the end of our exciting journey. From script to screen, your video has been conceptualised, scripted, filmed, edited and is now ready for the world to see. WHERE TO FROM HERE? With over thirty years’ experience in producing television commercials and corporate videos, you can see our work in the boardrooms of the largest corporations and government departments… …or working hard in the marketplace for emerging small businesses. For corporate, training and induction videos – we arrange DVD authoring, if required, and can also supply HD, web-optimised versions of your video, ready to be streamed from your website, YouTube™ or embeded into your customised software. For television and cinema commercials – we take care of everything involved in getting your commercial to air, including CAD approval and adstreaming to stations.Read MoreCall Us