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Corporate video production – where do we start?

With lots of questions – and listening! We can meet face to face, via zoom or chat by email – whatever works best for you. We have a briefing questionnaire which also helps to tease out all the info we need to get started. We then create a script, which will be the foundation for your video production. With a first script draft written, we ask for your feedback, then fine-tune the script and prepare for filming.

Pre-production for your video production

Once the script is approved, we plan the filming with a shot-list, which is basically a run-sheet of the order we plan to film the scenes. This may well be just following the script from scene 1 to the end, but if we have different locations (or different locations within one site) we usually group those scenes together. We’ll also group together any scenes that involve the same person or people. We’ll also add a call sheet, with contact details for both our team and yours. Some projects require paid talent, props or travel to multiple interstate locations, so this is all part of the pre-production planning we look after.

Filming magic

We’re not talking about a lone camera person with just a camera and tripod. You get our team of 2 really, really great camera people, and a van full of the latest gear so we can track and fly to create scenes with movement at the high resolution you really need for your video production to stand up and be counted. We still use a tripod as well!

Camera movement is the key factor in filming sequences that will really involve your viewer, so we’ll be filming with our drones and MoVI rig to produce longer passages of smooth camera movement. Looks wonderful! Makes you look wonderful! All off-camera interview pieces are filmed in 4K (UHD) with two Blackmagic cinema cameras. We pay particular attention to composition, eye line, lighting and audio, to ensure that we deliver an absolute premium result.

If you care about equipment detail, our filming kit includes the latest camera, lighting, audio and camera motion equipment. Here’s a list of the most key pieces:

  • Blackmagic 4.6K Cinema cameras with a full range of lenses
  • Drone aerial filming platforms (4K video and 20MP stills)
  • Ronin S gyro-stabilized handheld Camera Gimbal with 4.0K Blackmagic Pocket
  • Full LED and Quartz lighting kits
  • Full broadcast audio kit with lapel and boom microphones

Editing your corporate video production

Now that we’ve successfully completed the filming, the footage is downloaded and backed-up on our 2 servers in preparation for editing. If there are interviews, we’ll usually string together all the best grabs from just one of the camera angles to see what we have overall – and if you want to be involved in choosing the interview grabs to use, we send this string out to you for review.

If there’s a voiceover, this is professionally recorded as the first step in the editing process, creating a structural guide for the vision. Our experienced editors then begin creating your final polished presentation, using your vision, graphics, music and sound effects. Your involvement in the process is very welcome. You’ll receive regular progress updates and are also welcome to sit in with the editor to refine and polish your video. (And we’ll supply the coffee and muffins!) We guarantee to polish and fine-tune your video within the agreed budget because we want you to come back to us for your next video production – and the one after that.

Fine-tuned and ready to stream

THAT’S A WRAP! From script to screen, your video has been conceptualised, scripted, filmed, edited and approved – now ready for the world to see.  

We supply whatever formats you need. For cinema or TV commercials, we take care of conversions, approvals and distribution. Done!

Get to know us with a chat – give Tony Lawrence a call on his direct mobile 0413 620 595, or click here to fill out a contact us form!