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Grab Customers Attention and Boost Sales with an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a super smart marketing investment being engaging for the customer, informative and high converting. Over the years, explainer videos have boomed in popularity, due to their affordable cost and effectiveness for growing small and large businesses. If you haven’t got one for your business yet, you are seriously missing out!

Reasons You Need an Explainer Video for Your Business

You might think that we all have attention spans like fleas and we can’t concentrate on anything longer than eight seconds. While this might be true for text-based content, explainer video statistics have shown that videos of around 1-2 minutes have around 77% of viewers watching right through to the end.

  • Clarify the objective of your business. Having someone explain and demonstrate a product in a video, will take the guesswork out of a product. Text alone does not always do the job and can just confuse people.
  • Increase sales. In a recent study, 73% of business owners reported a positive ROI from video marketing and 64% said explainer videos actually increased their sales.
  • Rank higher in Google searches. According to marketing experts, websites with videos rank higher in Google Universal searches. Apparently explainer videos are 50 times more likely to get on page one of Google!
  • Increase traffic by potentially going viral. Unfortunately, there is no exact formula for going viral, but if you get it right you can get millions of new viewers and leads.
  • Give an engaging pitch showcasing your personality. People buy from people, let them see your personality and increase sales.