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video production brisbane

Is this the most effective type of video production?

Do you solve challenges or problems for your customers?

Look inside your business and how you solve your customers’ pain points.

Can you pull out recent customer solutions – and turn these into video case studies?

Video case studies pack a punch.

This is social proof in action, a marketing message that will resonate better than any other with your prospective clients.

It works, because it’s immediately relatable to prospective customers.

This type of video production is something Hastings Deering do consistently and well. As one of our most successful Australian-owned companies, follow their lead and reap the marketing benefits.

Let’s look at an example of a video case study produced for Hastings Deering.

Their people, expertise and support network is firmly behind

their clients, helping them solve the challenges of the tough environments they work in.

In this case study, they use Caterpillar’s semi-autonomous technology solutions to help their customers improve productivity, reduce operating costs and achieve safer workplaces – and we tell this story through interviews with clients who utilise this solution.

Through the client’s eyes, Hastings Deering is able to get across all the benefits that come with this solution.

It’s not Hastings Deering selling here, it’s the client.

And this client perspective, packaged up as a video case study, is a powerful marketing tool.

Can we help you pack more marketing punch with your own video case study?