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How to use superimposed titles in your corporate video

They’re the super supers.

The superimposed text you see written on screen over video vision, used to reinforce key points.

How super are supers?

Provided you don’t overdo them or make them too long, they help to reinforce your most important points.

When they’re in tune with an accompanying narration or interview grab, you’re delivering your key points visually AND audibly – double the reinforcement and clarity.

But – this works ONLY if you use them sparingly and keep them brief.

Very brief. Not a word for word copy of the dialogue, just the shortest phrase possible.

Overdo it, and your viewer is forced into information overload.

Here’s an example of the correct use of supers:

The voiceover says: “The real-time dashboard reports in seconds with instant alerts across local infrastructure, remote offices and cloud environments.”

The super is written as: Fast reporting

The takeaway?

Use supers sparingly to reinforce only the most essential points and keep them as short and to the point as possible.