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You’re here, because you’re looking for the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast corporate video production company who will understand and deliver what you want to achieve.

But of course, it’s really the people behind that corporate video production company you need to click with.

I hope it’s us. We’re a small team working closely with our clients so we can keep them coming back to us forever. We love what we do – but even more importantly, we want you to love what we do.

Corporate video production for Brisbane client MLA

Since 1986: We’ve been doing corporate video production for our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients since year dot – that’s really since 1986, but for corporate video production that would be close to year dot!

86% repeat customers: You might like to know that last count, 86% of our corporate video production work is repeat business, from long term business clients who trust us to deliver each time, because they know we will.

Fine-tuning flexibility is so important: I don’t think any other business video production company in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast or in fact anywhere, offers the fine-tuning flexibility that we do. We want to you to be really impressed and happy with your finished corporate video, so we fine-tune until you’re delighted.

For our larger client organisations, this is a godsend, because of the many organisational layers of review a corporate video has to travel through before final approval. Our fine-tuning super power applies to whatever type of corporate video production you need produced for your business.

Corporate video production for Sunshine Coast client, The Barrel at Clouds Vineyard

Experience counts: For a successful project from script to screen, we bring our decades of video production expertise into our partnership with you – over the years, we’ve helped many thousands of businesses and organisations with every type of corporate video production you could imagine. We’re mostly recognised as a Brisbane video production company, but we also produce many corporate videos for Sunshine Coast clients – and very often travel interstate for clients with multiple bases.

We stay focused on our strengths: The only thing we do is corporate video production. Today, that’s most likely to be web videos or social media video content, video production for marketing, recruitment, induction and training and of course, commercials for cinema or television. Let’s just sum that up with if it’s a business video production of any sort, we’d love to work with you!

Creative approaches: If you have a look at some of the corporate video production work on our website, you’ll see a quite a variety of creative treatments. How we structure your corporate videos starts with listening – really listening – and then deciding on an approach together that best represents how you want to be seen.

Corporate video production for Brisbane client QUT

Filming magic: We have 2 really, really great camera people, working together on your location or in our studio. All off-camera interview pieces are filmed in 4K (UHD) with two Blackmagic cinema cameras, allowing us to intercut between the cameras and also change from a medium to close-up frame at the joins, when we edit out the pieces we don’t need for the final cut. We pay particular attention to composition, eye line, lighting and audio, to ensure that we deliver an absolute premium result. We’ll then embellish interviews by filming stylish B-roll footage to colour in your corporate video production.

For the all other footage we need for whatever type of business video production we’re producing for you, camera movement is the key factor in filming sequences that will really involve your viewer, so we’ll be filming with our drones and MoVI rig to produce longer passages of smooth camera movement. Looks wonderful! Makes you look wonderful!

If you care about equipment detail, our team drives a van full of everything they could possibly need on location, often with spares in case of failures. (Hello, drone that went missing in the middle of the desert.)

Our filming kit includes the latest camera, lighting, audio and camera motion equipment. Here’s a list of the most key pieces:

  • Blackmagic 4.6K Cinema cameras with a full range of lenses
  • Drone aerial filming platforms (4K video and 20MP stills)
  • Ronin S gyro-stabilized handheld Camera Gimbal with 4.0K Blackmagic Pocket
  • Full LED and Quartz lighting kits
  • Full broadcast audio kit with lapel and boom microphones

Corporate video production for Brisbane client, Hastings Deering

Graphic options: There are many options for the creative use of graphics in every type of corporate video production. You might want to use 100% graphic content in the form of an explainer video, or use graphic elements and titles throughout your corporate video to reinforce key points. We’re also very respectful of corporate style guides.

Music is powerful: Music is an emotional way to get your target audience involved, so we spend a lot of time on music and select tracks that we believe will really involve your target audience. For longer corporate videos, we’ll make sure we change pace from time to time, building in highs and lows in the music to keep your audience watching. Don’t like our suggested music options? Music is such a personal thing, so we’ll happily give you other options to choose from.

Our high quality becomes your high-quality image: The best way for you to judge the quality of our corporate video production is to have a look at the huge diversity of corporate video types you’ll find on our web site. We believe that the critical steps in achieving a high-quality outcome are:

  • Careful planning prior to each corporate video production – the investment of time and energy in script development and fine tuning up front, will yield great dividends
  • Creatively filming your video production with cameras and camera motion equipment, in UHD
  • Stylish contemporary graphics, as needed
  • Careful selection of the ‘right’ music
  • Editing and fine tuning until you’re delighted with each finished video

Get to know us with a chat – give Tony Lawrence a call on his direct mobile 0413 620 595, or click here to fill out a contact us form!

Corporate video production for Brisbane client, TAE Aerospace