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A corporate video on your landing page increases conversion by 80%

Is your landing page like a trampoline?

Viewers land then bounce off quickly?

There are ways you can stop high bounce rates. And one of the best is to add a video on your landing page.

A study by eyeviewdigital.com reveals that the use of video on landing pages has the power to increase conversion by 80%

Why? Videos increase the time your prospective customer stays on your page, giving your service or offering extra time to sink in.

Why? Given the option to watch a video or read through the text, viewers will usually choose to watch a video.

Why? Video adds credibility and brand shine, boosting the confidence of a prospect who, up to now, was browsing around and didn’t have a clue – or really care – who you are.

So, don’t waste any more landing page visits!

You probably spend $$ and effort to get them there, so make the most of their momentary attention with a video production front and centre!